Oréade-Brèche’s commitments

Professional codes of conduct from organizations in which Oréade-Brèche and its staff are members

  • Guarantee of acknowledged skills

Article 4 of the code of conduct for ecology engineers - The ecology engineer […] must ensure a level of skill corresponding to criterion defined in the rules and regulation of the association.

Code of conduct for forestry and wood experts – The forestry or wood expert is a specialist whose professional skills and moral conscientiousness has been recognized by the board of the company. […] His/her professional skills result from their theoretical and practical expertise acquired whilst carrying out their duties.

Charter of the French Society of evaluation – People who take part in the evaluation processes as professional must get skills in the areas of the conception and implementation of the evaluations, methods of data collection and interpretation of results.

  • Keeping skills up to date

Article 11 of the code of conduct for ecology engineers – The Ecologist engineer must keep up to date and improve his/her knowledge concerning improvements, training and information.

 Code of conduct for forestry and wood experts – The expert ensures that his/ her knowledge will be up dated in such a way as to maintain his/her skill and to guarantee the quality of work for which he/she has been appointed.

Code of conduct for CICF-TEN – Maintain knowledge and skills in keeping with the development of technologies, legislation and business.

  • Guarantee standard of work

Article 33 in the code of conduct for ecology engineers – The ecology engineer must only carry out assignments which are within the limits of his/her skills.

Code of conduct for CICF-TEN  - Do not provide services for which he/she does not have the required skills.

  • Transparency

Article 27 of the code of conducts for ecology engineers – In the context of assignments under his/her responsibility, the ecology engineer must provide the data on which the scientific validity of his/her work can be assessed.

Oréade-Brèche’s Charter

The notion of quality has been written directly in the internal charter of the company, with special emphasis on the quality of distributed documents:

Attention to detail should be maintained at all times, especially with documents which are to be circulated outside the company, even to a small number of people. The presentation of data (checking the contents of tables, the analysis between the table and the graphics etc), all documents and emails produced (refer to Oréade -Brèche models in the guideline document “graphic models”) should be written with the upmost care and attention. The spelling in these documents and email messages should be checked carefully, and if necessary should be re read by a colleague or by the secretarial department.

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