Explanation of the Pact

The Global Compact was set up at the instigation of the United Nations. It is not a set of regulations or a code of good practices but rather a forum of expert opinion and an exchange of data.
Through this pact, companies voluntarily sign up to bring their activities and strategy in line with the ten principles defined in the pact in the domains of human rights, the environment, work place rights and the fight against corruption. Membership of the pact enables the participants to take an active role in the emergence of a stable, thriving and fair world market.

Oreade-Brèche and the Global Compact

Oréade-Brèche has been a signatory of the Global Compact since January 2011; membership is granted following acceptance of a letter addressed to the administration officer of the UN, in which the company and its team clearly state their intention to adhere to the principles of the pact.
The objective of the pact is to guide Oréade-Brèche’s management in adapting its ethical principles to meet the requirements of the pact. The company undertakes to set up a series of measures which show its constant support to the Global Compact and its determination to meet the objectives it fixes concerning sustainable development and social responsibility.
Oréade-Brèche drafted its first Communication on its progress, describing the measures taken to apply the pact and its principles.

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