Climate Action Thematic Coordinator for the LIFE monitoring central team

The thematic coordinator shall:
 > provide general coordination in his/her area of competence;
> organise regular meetings with the Contracting Authority to report on on-going activities;
> supervise and manage the timely delivery of quality work in the specific field falling under his/her responsibility;
> liaise with and coordinate the work of the leaders of hubs under her/his supervision (currently: Agriculture, Energy and Urban Hubs);
> propose potential themes for, coordinate the preparation of and participate actively in the annual Kick-off meeting for traditional projects, thematic Platform meetings, training sessions, presentations, publications on Climate Action themes;
> participate actively in and possibly coordinate the preparation of the annual Integrated Projects Kick-off meeting;
> coordinate with the other members of the Central Team on areas of overlap or shared tasks, and work together with the General Coordinator on various other tasks, as required.


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Oréade-Brèche is often looking for independent consultants in order to complete its teams in the field, in such places as Europe and developing countries.


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