Beyond the roles which are traditionally associated with it, the forest is now also seen in terms of its social importance. Indeed in certain areas of the world, the forest is used as a tool in the fight against poverty.
Oréade-Brèche has developed a varied depth of knowledge concerning all aspects of the forest; protection, production and recreation.
Furthermore, Oréade-Brèche applies its expertise in the field of forestry and wood in many related aspects pertaining to forest certification, wood chain of custody, sustainable forest management, wood sector organizations, biodiversity conservation, etc.

Exemple d'étude

Audits for FSC, OLB, PAFC certification of forest management and chain of custody in Congo Bassin

Client(s) : SGS Forestry, Bureau Veritas Certification (BV) - 2005 - 2019
Oréade-Brèche has been involved in forest management and chain of custody certification since 2000, mainly for FSC certification scheme but sometimes for other schemes such as OLB or PAFC. The missions are pre-assessments, main and complementary assessments and surveillances. These audits focus on the compliance with national and international laws, the respect of the rights of workers, the security of workers and their family, the respect of indigenous people's rights, the implementation of the management plan, the environmental and social impacts of activities, the monitoring of activities and the identification of High Conservation Value Forest (HCVF) and the management measure to maintain or enhance the ecological attributes of these forests. These audits are carried out on the field and by meetings with the staff of the companies, the workers and other stakeholders as local villagers, local and national NGOs, local and national administrations. Oréade-Brèche has been involved in the certification of 5 400 000 ha of tropical forests.
Exemple d'étude


2017 - 2026
Compliance of all of the activities of the subsidiaries of Rougier Africa International with environmental and social requirements
Rougier Afrique International
2016 - 2022
Framework contract for evaluations of the CAP measures contributing to the general objective of sustainable management of natural resources and climate action - On behalf of the IEEG Alliance Environnement
European commission - DG Agri
2017 - 2021
Technical assistance for Certified Forest Operations Promotion Program (PPECF II)
2019 - 2020
Forestry Sector Support Project
Ministry of forest
2018 - 2019
Development of the FSC standard in New Caledonia
2017 - 2019
Feasibility study of the project "Forestry Landscape in Norther Congo (PFNC) and ex post evaluation of the project to support sustainable forest management in Southern Congo (PAGEF)
Ministère de l’Economie Forestière et du Développement Durable du Congo
2011 - 2019
Technical assistance to the Ministry in charge of Forest of the Democratic Republic of Congo, for the project of sustainable management of forest (AGEDUFOR)
French Agency for Development (AFD)
2017 - 2018
Feasibility studies for the preparation of the Support Program for the “Green Gaboon” Initiative for the Transformation of the Forest-Wood Sector in Gabon (PAGTFOB)
Forest ministry
2017 - 2018
Agroforestry project opportunity study of culture under shading of forest trees
2012 - 2014
Independent Auditor of the Legality Verification System/FLEGT in Cameroon
Ministry in charge of Economy, Planning and Infrastructure of Cameroon
Support for the implementation of a chain of custody of PEFC and / or FSC within the general framework of the support program for competitiveness
European commission - EuropeAid
Evaluation of the conservation programme for the dry forests of New Caledonia
Natural Areas Conservatoire of New Caledonia
Training on the sustainable management of tropical forests and carbone projects : Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) and the REDD+ mecanism
Forhom Training Institute
2008 - 2012
Technical assistance at the Ministry of the Environment, Nature Conservation and Tourism of the Democratic Republic of Congo
Ministry of the Environment of DRC
2003 - 2004
Intermediate evaluation of the implementation in France of the Rural Development Regulation (EC 1257/99)- Measures relating to "sylviculture and forest"
CNASEA - Ministry of Agriculture, French Ministry of Agriculture

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