Climate and Energy

Climate changes are a key challenge for humanity. They have the particularity to hit mostly the poorest populations, who are least responsible for this imbalance. They require greater solidarity and question our life styles, ways of management, production methods and governance.
The COP 21, which took place in Paris in November 2015, has mobilized the International community on these challenges, and was notably the opportunity to formalize the commitments made by industrialized countries to finance Climate Changes mitigation and adaptation for the most vulnerable countries. This event helped accelerating the implementation of the Green Climate Fund (GCF).
Oréade-Brèche has developed a national and international know-how in climate changes mitigation and in supporting adaptation to their effects.

Exemple d'étude

Technical assistance for the improved use of agriculture and forest biomass in French Guyana

Client(s) : French Agency for environment and energy management (ADEME) - 2014 - 2015
The clearing of land dedicated to agriculture, can potentially enable in Guyana to provide biomass for energy production. But the implementation of these projects and the organization of the agricultural sector, requires external support, both to appraise the stocks, methods, costs, but also to animate the project and structure the actors. ADEME, the State and the Region wanted thus to have a facilitator, to achieve these missions, under the Rural Network of Guyana

Oréade-Brèche has recruited the biomass technical assistant to conduct the three missions: knowing, animating and structuring. This specialist has carried out:
- A detailed description of the available literature and of the remaining points still to deepen,
- A database of the actors involved in this new sector,
- A roadmap for the implementation of this mission, in accordance with the views of funders of the project,
- The animation and structuring of the project, which are expected to continue over several years.
Exemple d'étude

Climate and Energy

2013 - 2019
Accompanying ADEME in the diffusion of the CLIMAGRI tool (territorial analysis tool for energy and greenhouse gas emissions for agriculture and forestry) and in its field application 2013-2019
French Agency for environment and energy management (ADEME)
2014 - 2018
Projet appui conseil à l’OMVG pour la réalisation de son projet énergie. Revue/examen des études du plan environnemental et social (PES), préparation de la mise en œuvre du PES du projet et formulation du concept d'un projet de restauration et de protection des écosystèmes du bassin du fleuve Konkouré
Organisation for the Development of the Gambia River
2015 - 2016
Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) of the Energy multiannual programming 2016-2018 of the Guadeloupe and Southern Islands.
Direction of Environment, Territory Planning and Housing of Guadeloupe
Final evaluation of the support project for the sustainable management of forests in the Congo and the Amazon Basins (FORAFAMA project)
French Global Environmental Facility (FFEM)
2013 - 2014
Analysis, comparison of methodologies to assess the impacts of REDD projects to the local communities and to the biodiversity drivers in Madagascar compared to international standards. Proposal for options of common methodology applicable to the wet forests ecoregion.
ENVIRONMENTAL PROJECTS COORDINATION UNIT - Ministry of Environment and Forests of Madagascar
2011 - 2014
Evaluation of local contracts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in Poitou-Charentes
Regional Council of Poitou-Charentes
Evaluation of the project Cogénération in the wood industries of congo Bassin
French Global Environmental Facility (FFEM)
2012 - 2013
Energy performance of farms in French overseas departments. Overview of the energy consumption and production of farms, analysis and identification of action leverages
French Agency for environment and energy management (ADEME)
Training on the sustainable management of tropical forests and carbone projects : Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) and the REDD+ mecanism
Forhom Training Institute
Support to the SPC in the identification and design of the projects to be implemented in the sites selected of the RESCCUE project. Fiji - Vanuatu - New Caledonia - French Polynesia
Secretariat of the South Pacific Community
Feasibility study of a regional project of co-operation in the South Pacific for the restoration of ecosystem services and the adaptation to climate change (RESCCUE). Fiji - Vanuatu - New Caledonia - French Polynesia
French Agency for Development (AFD)
2011 - 2012
Agriculture, Forestry and Factor 4 (Identification of three possible paths by 2050 to divide by 4 compared to 1990 greenhouse gas emissions in the French agriculture and forestry)
French Agency for environment and energy management (ADEME)
2011 - 2012
Training on how to include climate change in the management of programmes and projects - climate change: impacts, international negociations, areas and levers for adaptation and mitigation, REDD+
Forhom Training Institute
Assessment of greenhouse gas emissions using the ADEME method for the building and operation of the MIKE 12 worker camp in forestry exploitation
2010 - 2011
Feasability study of the project DynAfFor "Integrating the variability of environmental conditions into predictive models of forest dynamics"
French Global Environmental Facility (FFEM)

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