The sustainable development of Africa remains a main issue for the next decades. Oréade-Brèche’s aim is to make a valid and worthwhile contribution to challenging this situation. Oréade-Brèche has been involved in Africa for more than 25 years. Our field of expertise is development, in all its components; economic, ecological and social. Our missions mainly involve:
- technical assistance for institutional stakeholders,
- planning and the evaluation of programmes or policies,
- identification, monitoring and  assessment of development projects,
- technical expertise.

Exemple d'étude

Technical assistance for Certified Forest Operations Promotion Program (PPECF II)

Client(s) : KFW - 2017 - 2021
The project was focused on the promotion of certified logging in the Congo Basin. Its objective was to support and strengthen the exploitation of forests in the Congo Basin according to the principles of sustainability to contribute to the improvement of the conditions for the protection and the rational use of forest resources in the Congo Basin.

The main objectives of the project were as follow:
- Establishment of conceptual and institutional conditions favorable to forest certification
- Improvement of the quality of industrial exploitation
- Improvement of knowledge and perception of industrial exploitation in the Congo Basin
Exemple d'étude


2018 - 2023
Strenghtening project of protected areas and local development in the region of Diana - KOBABY - Technical assistance services for project management - Madagascar
French Agency for Development (AFD)
2018 - 2023
Project management and monitoring of the resettlement of the different categories of people affected by the Zenata eco-city project
Société d’aménagement de Zenata (SAZ)
2017 - 2021
Definition of a management structure for the Kantadji hydropower project
2019 - 2020
Forestry Sector Support Project
Ministry of forest
2016 - 2020
Complementary Environmental and Social Impacts Assessment (ESIA), update of the Resetlement Action Plan for the hydroelectric projects Jiji and Mulembwe
2015 - 2020
Head of the environnemental and social panel for the Inga 3 hydropower project Basses Falls
Ministry of Hydraulic Resources and Electricity
2017 - 2019
Feasibility study of the project "Forestry Landscape in Norther Congo (PFNC) and ex post evaluation of the project to support sustainable forest management in Southern Congo (PAGEF)
Ministère de l’Economie Forestière et du Développement Durable du Congo
2011 - 2019
Technical assistance to the Ministry in charge of Forest of the Democratic Republic of Congo, for the project of sustainable management of forest (AGEDUFOR)
French Agency for Development (AFD)
2005 - 2019
Audits for FSC, OLB, PAFC certification of forest management and chain of custody in Congo Bassin
SGS Forestry, Bureau Veritas Certification (BV)
2013 - 2018
Technical assistance to the project owner for the implementation of the ESMP and RAP related to construction of Memve'ele hydroelectric project
Ministry of Water and Energy of Cameroon
Feasibility study of the project "Private and public partnership for the sustainable management of the Central African Forest - P3FAC"
French Global Environmental Facility (FFEM)
2015 - 2016
Feasibility Study and Project Commitment Note of the Initiative for small sustainable Islands (support -based on networking, sectorial expertise, best practices capitalisation, labelling- to small island territories, which implement sustainable development and biodiversity conservation actions).
French Global Environmental Facility (FFEM)
2015 - 2016
Drawing-up of the detailed Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) of the Makay complex hydro-electric project.
Platinum power
2013 - 2016
Implementation of a framework and a resettlement action plan for a new development in Zenata
Société d’aménagement de Zenata (SAZ)
2014 - 2015
Head of the environmental and social panel for the construction of Nachtigal upstream hydroelectric project
Electricité de France of Cameroon

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