Natural areas, biodiveristy and resources and landscape

Natural areas and landscapes are increasingly subjected to pressure from human activity and so must be managed in an appropriate way.
This approach must encompass not only protection and conservation, but also economic valorization leading to developing activities from which local populations can benefit.
In these fields, Oréade-Brèche provides the framework for the development of conservation-valorization policies and also the setting up of protected areas. In addition, its teams carry out baseline data studies (ecological and socio-economic), management plans and evaluations of the actions implemented.

Exemple d'étude

Study on the lessons learnt from the support of the French Global Environmental Facility to the creation of Marine Protected Areas. Evaluation of 11 projects located in the Caribbean’s (6 states), Africa (3 states), Indian Ocean (4 states), Central America (3 states), Asia (1 state) et Pacific Ocean (14 states and 3 territories).

Client(s) : French Global Environmental Facility (FFEM) - 2007 - 2010
The French Global Environment Facility wanted to find out the lessons learnt from more than ten years of financial support given to the setting up and maintenance of Marine Protected Areas (MPA) worldwide. This work, based on individual evaluation of each project, was targeted at:
- identifying and building on the lessons learnt taken from each project,
- evaluating  the socio-economic benefits of these projects for the local population,
- identifying and sharing the good practices (successful methods and approaches, interesting tools, pitfalls to avoid, etc.)
- allowing an exchange of experience between projects and also between the main actors.

Oréade-Brèche lead this mission, which, in the first place, consisted of carrying out an evaluation of 11 projects (and more than 20 sites) located in the Caribbean (6 states), Africa (3 states), the Indian Ocean (4 states), Central America (3 states) and the Pacific Ocean (7 states and 3 French territories), and then, followed by a synthesis of all the lessons learnt from these projects, in order to provide the FGEF with recommendations for improving their management of these types of projects in the future.

These recommendations included, among others: a guide for the MPA project managers, in order to help them in identifying the crucial steps in the setting up and the management of MPA. This mission was also the occasion to propose  calculations methods of  the Internal Rate of Return (IRR) of several of these MPA projects. For this evaluation Oréade-Brèche provided the FFEM with 3 experts: an evaluator, a specialist of coral reefs and an environmental economist.
This document is available on the FFEM Website at trhe following address
Exemple d'étude

Natural areas, biodiveristy and resources and landscape

2015 - 2018
Shanxi Changyuanhe (Qixian town) National Wetland Park Construction Project in China
Management Committee for Shanxi Changyuanhe National Wetland Park
2013 - 2016
Monitoring of mortality of bats and birds in two windmills power stations of the Deux-Sèvres county
3D Energies
Monitoring of protection measures for the green toad during the construction of the district "Les Rives du Bohrie".
SAS Les Rives du Bohrie
2014 - 2015
Payments for environmental services and valuation methods: lessons for the agri-environmental measure of the common agricultural policy
French Ministry of Agriculture
2009 - 2012
Assistance and technical support for the tasks related to the monitoring of the project: Biodiversity and sustainable management of the Guianas shield
French Global Environmental Facility (FFEM)
2009 - 2012
Assistance and technical support for the tasks related to actions in the Life Plus programme
European Commission - Environment DG
2010 - 2011
Evaluation and lessons learnt of support projects concerning the management of Moroccan National Parks
Moroccan Government, French Agency for Development (AFD)
2009 - 2011
Fauna and Flora study for the interconnecting route between various communities west of Strasbourg
General Council of Bas-Rhin - Department of infrastructure
2009 - 2010
Ecological engineering mission - BALSCHWILLER - RETZWILLER road link
General Council of Haut-Rhin - Maintenance and safety department
Mid term review of the programme "Coral Reef Initiative for the South Pacific"
French Global Environmental Facility (FFEM), French Agency for Development (AFD)
Feasibility study of a project to support Marine Protected Areas : "Management of Marine and Coastal Western African Biodiversity by supporting Conservation and Monitoring Initiatives in Marine Protected Areas" 7 pilot sites located in Guinea, Guinea Bissau, Gambia and Senegal
French Global Environmental Facility (FFEM)
Mid term evaluation of the project : "Rehabilitation of Island Ecosystems in the Seychelles : eradication of invasive species and introduction of endemic species"
French Global Environmental Facility (FFEM)
Legal study of creating a sanctuary for whales in the French West Indies
Direction of Environment (DIREN) of Guadeloupe
2006 - 2008
Management plan of Abbadia the site (la Corniche Basque)
Littoral Conservatoire
1998 - 2000
Feasibility study of the Natural Park in the mountain region of the Réunion Isle
Regional Council of La Reunion

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