The multiplicity of the fields to be taken into account when developing installation projects requires an integrated multi-field approach.
Thanks to its internal resources and also to its network of external consultants, Oréade-Brèche is able to place at the disposal of projects managers all the necessary skills needed in order to find the best solution.
Amongst many other aspects, Oréade-Brèche’s expertise covers substantial public sector projects (dams, roads, electric lines, etc), rural and urban projects, carbon sink, etc.

Exemple d'étude

Technical assistance to the project owner for the implementation of the ESMP and RAP related to construction of Memve'ele hydroelectric project

Client(s) : Ministry of Water and Energy of Cameroon - 2013 - 2018
The project was part of the Government's desire to increase the supply of electrical energy to address the country's energy deficit and the weak performance of existing facilities. The Memve'ele hydroelectric dam project is located on the NTEM River in the South Region of Cameroon.
The project included:
- A dam and all its related structures creating a reservoir of 2 200 hectares with an estimated storage capacity of 130 million m3;
- A hydroelectric plant with an installed capacity of 201 MW’s;
- Access roads, a power line of 225 KW, transformer stations and associated interconnection.
The project included an Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA), an Environmental and Social Management Plan (ESMP) and Socio-Economic Support Programme (PASE). Oréade-Brèche has made available a full-time project environment expert and a part-time environmental expert.
Oréade-Breche was specifically responsible for providing technical and methodological support to the project management for the implementation of the ESMP and PASE measures. The mission focused in particular on the following points:
- Monitoring the execution of the work and mission ensuring compliance with environmental, health and safety during construction operations of hydroelectric facilities and related works,
- Assessment and monitoring of measures implemented by the building enterprises regarding waste and discharge management, work safety, work sites restoration, etc.
- Coordination of the different studies and services carried out by the project owner and other stakeholders to the Project, in accordance with the requirements of the Environmental and Social Impact Assessment
- Implementation of the off-set and mitigation measures defined by the environmental management plan : financial and technical support to neighbouring national park, fight against poaching, fishing resource management plan, communities resettlement, endangered species protection plan, reforestation plan, etc.
- Partnership identification and implementation with publics institutions (National Parks, Health / Environment / Labour Ministries, etc.) and NGOs.
- Evaluation and anticipation of risks related to the environmental and social impact of the project.
Exemple d'étude


2017 - 2021
Definition of a management structure for the Kantadji hydropower project
2015 - 2021
Member of the expert panel for monitoring the safety and environmental and social management of the OMVS' dams
Organisation for the Development of the Senegal River
2018 - 2020
Environmental and Regulatory Studies for Three Road Development Projects
Conseil départemental de la Vienne
2016 - 2020
Complementary Environmental and Social Impacts Assessment (ESIA), update of the Resetlement Action Plan for the hydroelectric projects Jiji and Mulembwe
2015 - 2020
Head of the environnemental and social panel for the Inga 3 hydropower project Basses Falls
Ministry of Hydraulic Resources and Electricity
2016 - 2019
Impact study of the land development linked to the 2 * 2-way development of the RN164 on the communes of Lennon, Châteauneuf-du-Faou, Plonévez-du-Faou and Landeleau
General Council of Finistère
2017 - 2018
Impact assessment study related to the land development operation project of Cravans
General Council of Charente-Maritime
2017 - 2018
Environmental impact assessment and hazard assessment study regarding the construction and the exploitation of the Cameroon electrical facilities in the framework of the upgrade and development of the electricity transmission system
2017 - 2018
Studies and supervision for the construction of an upstream reservoir dam and a downstream production dam on the Ntem River, to secure the supply of electricity of Memve'ele hydropower plant.
Ministry of Water and Energy of Cameroon
2015 - 2018
Elaboration of regulatory studies (Environmental and social impact assessment including natural environmetal component, derogation request to the supression of protected species, French water directive) in the creation and / or rehabilitation of the road network of the Meurthe-et-Moselle territory
General Council of Meurthe-et-Moselle
2014 - 2018
Projet appui conseil à l’OMVG pour la réalisation de son projet énergie. Revue/examen des études du plan environnemental et social (PES), préparation de la mise en œuvre du PES du projet et formulation du concept d'un projet de restauration et de protection des écosystèmes du bassin du fleuve Konkouré
Organisation for the Development of the Gambia River
2016 - 2017
Feasibility study of a photovoltaic power plant project
2016 - 2017
Production of an agricultural and forest land development operation linked to the bypass project of Cossé-le-Vivien
General Council of Mayenne
Update of feasability study and preliminary design for the interconnection electric line between Libreville and Port-Gentil
Updating of the Environmental and Social Impact Assessments (ESIA) in the framework of the preliminary detailed design studies of the Vossa and Olougbe Ter hydroelectric projects on the Oueme River

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