Environment - Sustainable development

This concept is in perpetual change, not only does it now include ecological, social and economic components, but it also extends to many other fields such as governance, fair trade, climate change, etc.
In this domain Oréade-Brèche has developed significant international know-how, especially relating to: strategic environmental evaluations, evaluations of environmental policies, supporting the development of plans and programs for sustainable development, and environmental and social impact assessments.

Exemple d'étude

Feasibility Study and Project Commitment Note of the Initiative for small sustainable Islands (support -based on networking, sectorial expertise, best practices capitalisation, labelling- to small island territories, which implement sustainable development and biodiversity conservation actions).

Client(s) : French Global Environmental Facility (FFEM) - 2015 - 2016
The mission consisted in conducing the feasibility study of the project « Initiative Sustainable Islands », led by the French Conservatoire du Littoral. This project aims to support managers of small island territories, who wish to foster sustainable development on their territories and pool their efforts together. The project relied on four types of actions: sharing of knowledge and pratices ; recognition and valorization of best practices (tanks to a label) ; capitalization and spreading of the experiences and best practices and capacity building.

The mission included the following tasks :
- Definition of the legal statutes and the governance of the “Initiative” Sustainable Islands ;
- Proposal of the operational approach of the Label (method of the territorial diagnosis, criteria for delivering the label, institutional organization etc.) ;
- Revision of the list of pilot islands (test of the approach) ;
- Finalization of the budget ;
- Finalization of the institutional and financial partnerships ;
- Drafting the project Commitment Note.
Exemple d'étude

Environment - Sustainable development

2016 - 2020
Complementary Environmental and Social Impacts Assessment (ESIA), update of the Resetlement Action Plan for the hydroelectric projects Jiji and Mulembwe
2015 - 2020
Head of the environnemental and social panel for the Inga 3 hydropower project Basses Falls
Ministry of Hydraulic Resources and Electricity
2015 - 2018
Shanxi Changyuanhe (Qixian town) National Wetland Park Construction Project in China
Management Committee for Shanxi Changyuanhe National Wetland Park
2014 - 2018
Technical assistance for the monitoring of LIFE projects (action and operating grants), for the communication about the LIFE programme and other linked activities
European Commission - Environment DG
2014 - 2018
Framework Contracts for consultancy services in the Environment, Climate and Social office (ECSO)
European Investment Bank (EIB)
2015 - 2017
Audits for assessment of green spaces ecological management to obtain Ecojardin label
2015 - 2016
Revision of six Local Urban Plans of the Gascogne-Tolousaine (Gers). Initial state of the environment and ecological continuity.
Communes de Monferran-Savès, Clermont-Savès, Lias, Auradé, Ségoufielle et Pujaudran (32)
2015 - 2016
Feasibility study on a support for sustainable production and watershed management by increasing trade capacity in the cocoa and vetiver sectors – South Department - Haïti
French Agency for Development (AFD), French Global Environmental Facility (FFEM)
Strategic Environmental Assessment of the State-interregional Contract 2015-2020 for the Lot valley
Prefecture of Midi-Pyrénées region (SGAR)
Finalisation of the Sourcebook: "Environmental and Social Assessments in Mediterranean - Management of environmental and social assessments for development projects, plans, programs and policies in the Mediterranean"
2014 - 2015
Ex-ante evaluation and Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) of the Operationnal Programme of Territorial Co-operation in Amazonia (PO Interreg VA et VB) 2014-2020
Regional Council of French Guyana
Feasibility study and drafting of the project note for the project of the adoption of sustainable mode of production and consumption habits for products and services produced in protected areas and the surrounding territories.
French Global Environmental Facility (FFEM)
2013 - 2014
Assessment 1994-2014 and Prospective 2014-2024 of the French Global Environmental Facility (FFEM): Portfolio analysis, best practices analysis and strategic positioning.
French Global Environmental Facility (FFEM)
2011 - 2014
Impact study related to the High Speed Line Bretagne - Pays de Loire, on Montjean, Beaulieu-sur-Oudon, Ruillé-le-Gravellais and Saint-Cyr-le-Gravellais (Part A - 2 600 ha)
General Council of Mayenne
2012 - 2013
Energy performance of farms in French overseas departments. Overview of the energy consumption and production of farms, analysis and identification of action leverages
French Agency for environment and energy management (ADEME)

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