Expert assessment

Oréade-Brèche is able to bring an external professional insight to specific problems concerning the forest and the environment, and in so doing find solutions which are fair and equitable, sometimes within the framework of judicial procedures and sometimes out of court.
These expert assessments provide reports, financial estimations, advice and facilitation.

Exemple d'étude

Audits for FSC, OLB, PAFC certification of forest management and chain of custody in Congo Bassin

Client(s) : SGS Forestry, Bureau Veritas Certification (BV) - 2005 - 2019
Oréade-Brèche has been involved in forest management and chain of custody certification since 2000, mainly for FSC certification scheme but sometimes for other schemes such as OLB or PAFC. The missions are pre-assessments, main and complementary assessments and surveillances. These audits focus on the compliance with national and international laws, the respect of the rights of workers, the security of workers and their family, the respect of indigenous people's rights, the implementation of the management plan, the environmental and social impacts of activities, the monitoring of activities and the identification of High Conservation Value Forest (HCVF) and the management measure to maintain or enhance the ecological attributes of these forests. These audits are carried out on the field and by meetings with the staff of the companies, the workers and other stakeholders as local villagers, local and national NGOs, local and national administrations. Oréade-Brèche has been involved in the certification of 5 400 000 ha of tropical forests.
Exemple d'étude

Expert assessment

2010 - 2025
Suivi d'une mesure compensatoire : évolution d'un milieu de type prairies humides de moyenne montagne et de piémont
District of Vallée de la Bruche
2019 - 2023
Technical assistance for environmental and social claims management
French Agency for Development (AFD)
2018 - 2022
Surveillance of Asian Capricorn in the Bas-Rhin county
DRAF Grand Est
2018 - 2019
Ecojardin audits of the urban green area ecological management for 2018-2019 labelling.
Agence Régionale pour la Biodiversité (ARB) îdF
2016 - 2019
Phytosanitary, safety and biomechanical diagnosis on trees along the roads, or into protected natural sites, Palm trees as well as heritage trees located in the properties of the Var Department
Conseil Départemental du Var
2016 - 2019
Environmental, Social and Gender Capacity Building of entities preparing their GCF accreditation request
Green Climate Fund (GCF)
2017 - 2018
Ecojardin audits of the urban green area ecological management for 2017-2018 labelling.
2015 - 2017
Audits for assessment of green spaces ecological management to obtain Ecojardin label
2013 - 2017
Visual tree diagnosis, inventory, asian capricorn exploration and management plan
Urban Community of Strasbourg - Department of green spaces
Bat expertise of the tunnel located in the Halles district, in the framework of redesign of public spaces of this area of Strasbourg
Bat expertise of cavity trees within the framework of the extension of the D tramway line of the Strasbourg urban community
SCHOTT Elagage
Expertise on wetlands in the framework of the "Gumberlé" housing scheme in Altenstadt
Wissembourg municipality
Expertise on wetlands in the framework of the "Le Clos des Vanneaux" housing scheme in Strasbourg
LOLLIER Ingénierie
2013 - 2014
Monitoring of a measure aiming at improving the biodiversity of a wet area in Bischheim/Hoenheim
Urban Community of Strasbourg - Department of urban projects

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